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VMS Database Install on a SQL Server


1.  An existing Microsoft SQL Database Server version 2005, 2008, or 2012

2. The server must be network accessible from the collection server.

Database Installation

1.  Create a new database, in this case we will call it VMS.   Make sure to enable the Service Broker as shown below.



2.  Run the attached script inside the new database.


3.  On the server, create a new login.  Select the new database as the default database.  Select the User Mapping page and map the user to the new database that was created earlier and select the db_owner role.

4.  The database installation is now complete.

5.  From the VmsViewer software menu, select File -> Select Data Source...  From this screen, select Add, select the connection string option and under Connection String type the SQL Server Database connection string for the new database and user.  Click add, select the new entry and press Connect.  You should connect without errors and see a screen that is mostly blue since no configuration has been created in the database yet.

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