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How to Connect to VMS Cloud Account

VMS Configurator

When the VMS Configurator is opened it will look like this:

You can see the user is attempting to connect to the VMS service on the same machine they are using to configure, or in other words they are running on the localhost. If they want to connect to a Collection Server instead they should click File->Connect to Collection Server...

This will open a menu with addresses and a Refresh, Remove, and Connect button. If you see the Address of the Collection Server you are planning to connect to then select if and then click connect.

If you are using a Collection Server with a modem using a static ip address, then type the ip address into the field marked "IP Address" and click the "Add" button. After you click Add you will have to find the address in your list. You will likely find it at the bottom of the list. Once you have found the address in your list, select it and click "Connect".

After you select the new address you will be returned to the main screen, but in place of "localhost" you will see the address of the Collection Server. At this point the connection will be established directly to your Collection Server. Depending on the speed of your connection and the number of sensors you are using it could take a minute to populate all of your sensors in the list.


Warning: When you connect the VMS Configurator to the Collection Server you may be using a considerable amount of data with prolonged usage. If you are on a cellular connection keep the VMS Configurator closed when you are not making changes to the Configurations or troubleshooting problems if you do not wish to have data overage costs.


To protect the user from leaving data overages you may experience a number of time outs during your session. To recover from a time out just click "Resume".


Now that you have connected directly to the Collection Server you need to tell it where the data will be collected. To do this right click on Data Server: -> Set Data Server Location...

After you click Set Data Server Location... you will be taken a menu to select the Data Source. Select the Cloud radio button then type in the Company Name and Password you were given from KCF. Click Set.

Now when return to the main page you will see that the Data Server now says "Data Server: Cloud"



At this point you have set up the Collection Server and told it to begin sending all its data to your Cloud Database. Now if you want to view the data open the VMS Viewer.

VMS Viewer

The VMS Viewer creates a connection between your computer and the cloud and then displays all the data as well as the alarms. In order to create the connection open the VMS Viewer.

Then click File -> Set Data Source...

Then Click "Add"

Choose the "Cloud" radio button, then type in the Company Name and Password you were given. And click Add

Now you have a list of all the Data Sources you are using. Now select the Data Source and click Connect

After clicking Connect you should now be able to view your data as it is being reported to the cloud.

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