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Troubleshooting: I see data, but it is intermittant

If you see data, but is its intermittant, the known reasons data may look inconsistent are:

RF problems or a difficult RF environment

  1. To tell if your sensors are having RF problems, pull the sensor off the machine (it is a good idea to make a note of this move in the VMS software) and then set it next to the PRN, and away from RF interference.
  2. Let it sit through several collections and overnight if necessary to see if the problem continues.

If you are able to view the data when the sensor is next to the PRN but not when the sensor is attached to a machine you may have RF problems.


If you are using averaging you may experience intermittent data loss. When averaging occurs multiple samples are taken in succession and if any of the samples is unable to transmit, then the data point is not recorded. In this situation you will see a higher rate of data-loss.

One way to verify this is occurring is to set a problematic sensor to stop averaging, or to set it to 1 sample averaging in the VMS Configurator and then take a number of samples, this may require observation overnight. If the samples seem more consistent when averaging is turned off then this may be due to averaging.

Combination of Averaging and RF problems
If a particular sensor is averaging and is in a difficult RF environment you will likely see additional data loss problems.

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